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MedicalPoint – Disposable Medical Products

Welcome to our website. Our company, Medicalpoint, is based in Athens and specializes in the design and manufacture of disposable medical products and products for personal hygiene. It operates in the medical field, having qualified personnel to produce high quality products.

Apart from the manufacturing section, Medicalpoint deals with imports and exports internationally. Our experts have been involved in the medical field since 1984 and so far have gained excellent work relations with public hospitals, military hospitals, private clinics, universities, drugstores, pharmacies and also with private homecare.

The company’s production is approved by the National Organization for Medicines and all products are CE marked. These products include Disposable Medical Products, such as bedpans, disposable sheets, silicone tubes and tongue depressors, Laboratory Disposable Products such as tissue transfer bags, artificial kidney plastic tongs and embedding cassettes, Pharmacy Products, such as examination gloves, embossed gloves, soft foam collars and ointment containers and finally, Personal Hygiene Products, such as disposable washing gloves, caps for bathing patients, disposable towels and bibs.

The excellent position of our company is supported by all the necessary quality assurance and management certificates but also by ministerial decisions of the Ministry of Health and Welfare on medical products. Finally, there are several new products coming up soon with focal points on low cost and the utilization of innovative ecological materials.